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    What are some last minute tips for Board Exams?

    1. Scope of Syllabus.

    When you are studying for the boards keep your scope of syllabus next to you. Your text book may have extra information which is good to know in general, but from the board point of view that extra information is just going to muddle with your brain. At least the last few weeks before the boards stick to the scope of syllabus, that way you will have an idea of the important chapters and also you will know exactly what will come. Don’t do more, don’t do less than what is given in the syllabus.

    2.  Identify the pattern.

    The ISC question paper is very well structured and has a pattern which has been the same for many years. Each question in the paper is there for a reason, to test a certain concept. The faster you identify the pattern of the paper the better, as it will help you identify the types of questions and the kind of questions which will definitely come. For this, use the help of the 10 years solved question papers.

    3. Predict the Paper.

    This step is to be done only 2-3 days before the exam. The 10 years solved question papers are your key to success. Go through those papers with a fine tooth comb, you will notice that many questions repeat or at least the same concept has been asked many times. Thus, on going through all the previous papers you will be able to predict the paper to come. This trick helped me a lot as I was able to predict my papers and 80% my prediction were correct.

    4. Examiner’s Analysis.

    Every year the ISC board uploads the previous year paper’s answers along with the examiner’s comments. It includes tips by the examiners who correct the board papers. They tell where most children lose marks and what are the common silly mistakes. You might think that you know how to do a certain question and you will get full marks for that question, but when you see the examiner’s comments you will realize that you were wrong the whole time. So its good to go through the examiner’s analysis even if you think you don’t need it.

    5. Procrastination.

    There are times when you have 5-10 days between two exams. Usually people study for that exam in the last 3 days and forget about it the other 7 days. Due to this they forget things and have to study the whole thing in those three days. Instead, in those 7 days visit that subject at least once in every 3 days. That way in those 7 days before the exam you will not lose touch of the subject. So in the last 3 days you will have to just revise the concepts. There is a huge difference between revising and studying.

    6. Extra Questions.

    In the ISC paper you will have a choice between questions. If you have extra time in your hands ALWAYS attempt extra questions. In case you get something wrong you will have a back up option with you. Its always advisable to attempt extra. But if you don’t have extra time forget about extra questions. Your teachers might have advised you against attempting extra questions but that is only because they were too lazy to correct so many questions. The board examiners are payed to correct your paper and they will correct it even if you have attempted the whole paper.

    7. Reference Books.

    There are many people who advise to do reference books. Don’t do them. They contain enormous amount of information which could ultimately harm you rather than help you. You might reach a stage where you learn everything in the reference books and you wont know what are the important concepts in the board point of you.

    8. Your Errors.

    This is the time where your school exams will actually help you. Go through all your school exam answer sheets and spot your mistakes. You may notice a pattern in the types of mistakes you make. If you are one of those students who made tons of mistakes in school you are lucky! Make a list of your most common and recurring mistakes. In your board exam while checking your answers make a checklist of all those errors and cross check your board answer script to make sure you didn’t make any of those mistakes.

    9. Inspiration.

    Its very important to have some sort of  goal, aim or inspiration when you study to prevent you from getting distracted while you study. I had made a list of the marks my senior in school got who topped the school. Next to that I made a list of the marks of the person who topped India in the previous year. I stuck those lists on my desk so whenever I would get distracted I would see the list and start studying. If you aim for a 100 you will get at least a 90.

    10. Social Media.

    This is the one thing that is going to stand in the way between you and your goal. After you finish the study quota for the day keep one hour just for the internet. If you don’t have the self control to do that either give the password of your accounts to your parents or just deactivate your accounts.

    Last but not the least HARD WORK. None of the above tricks will help, if you don’t do hard work.

    I hope this helped! All the best for your boards! 🙂

    Reference : https://www.quora.com/What-are-some-last-minute-tips-for-Board-Exams

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